Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For those who thought that creating a flash animation was a tough job and requires a great skill, here’s a big reason to smile. With the new SWiSH Max2 you can create flash in a jiffy. As the caption suggests-“The Ultimate Flash Creation Tool” it is really a wonderful tool. For beginners like me it took only a few weeks to go through to master the tool in SwishMax. More over the help files and the examples given in it will make the learning process much simpler. With so many built in effects and regular updates of effects in their website this software has all the features to make you feel that you are a master in creating flash animation. If you have ever dreamt at creating a flash graphic, but stood away due to its complexity, then this is the software for you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crazy about Chocolates !

As early as 1100 BC chocolates has been relished by people. Be it a romantic date or a new born child’s birthday, chocolate has always found a special place in every occasion. Apart from its taste, recent studies suggest that there are potential health benefits. Cocoa improves the circulatory system. It’s also a very good stimulant and anti-oxidants contained in it prevent cancer. From kids to aged ones, chocolates have charmed people of all ages. So let the part begin and let’s celebrate it with a chocolate bar!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Are friends an important part of life???

The answer for this question would be a simple ‘YES’. But let us look more deeply into this. We hang around with them, we rejoice, we crack jokes, we fight, we cry, we hurt, but still we manage to love them more than anything else. They aren’t our blood they aren’t our relatives still these people who have entered our life by chance and whom we have befriended by choice seem to influence most part of our life. (The only other influential people being our parents, spouse and children) Isn’t that they care for us and we care for them and expect nothing in return but genuine love and affection. The existence of human race has always been on such factors which cannot be reasoned or understood but just felt. So let us always celebrate friendship and humanity will live forever and ever for ages to come!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Technology - A boon to mankind

The advancements in the field of technology remain a testimony to man’s civilization and the very conspicuous evidence of evolution. Technology has played a crucial role in every stage of human development and is entwined with our very lives. So strong is the bond between technology and man that a day without the use of technology would be akin to being lost in the middle of a scorching desert. Things which were once considered to be the possession of the elite of the society have become a common man’s property due to the advancement in technology. Earlier the quality of any work done depended on the individual’s capacity and efficiency. As natural as it is, human beings being liable to making errors, the results of the work done were far less accurate .But nowadays, technology has grown to such an extent that tasks which took men months to complete are being accomplished within a matter of a few hours with great accuracy and efficiency. In all, technology has made our lives far more easier and comfortable adding flavor and color to every aspect of our life.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Calorie shifting

Calorie shifting mainly involves tricking and confusing the body, in such a way that it keeps your metabolism working fast. The problem with low-calorie diets is that they often result in the body going into the starvation mode, in which case it starts storing calories instead of burning them at a faster rate. So, instead of helping you lose weight, such diets make your metabolism slow and end up making you fatter. Calorie shifting diet involves the consumption of varying amounts of calories each day. If you eat 1200 calories on Monday, you will go up to 1500 calories on Tuesday and by the time Wednesday comes, you will drop down to only 1000 calories a day. As you change the amount of calories consumed, the body gets into a state of confusion. It knows that you are not starving, since you increase the calorie intake the next day. The result is that the body adjusts to the diet and keeps your metabolism at a high rate only, even when you eat low amount of calories on a particular day. The days when you reduce your calorie-intake to a very low level are the ones in which you lose most of the weight.