Monday, June 30, 2008

Firefox 3

Mozilla Corporation’s latest browser Firefox 3 is by far the most impressive browser I have seen in the recent past. It has a stylish interface and it is quite simple too. And it claims to have superior security features as compared to the other counterparts like the Internet Explorer 7 and Opera. It does have a new bookmarking feature which is very easy and effective. One click is all that one needs to bookmark one’s favorite webpage. There are hundreds and hundreds of add-ons that can be downloaded to extend the capability of the browser. There are plenty of themes readily available on the web that can be downloaded to make your browser look the way want it to be. The download manager provides better functionality by giving you the option to pause or resume downloads. The Firefox 3 is readily available in the net and it is one software that everyone must have.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life

Well to begin with this doesn’t have anything to deal with my life. It’s just a small peek into Chetan Bhagat’s latest and the third book “The 3 mistakes of my life.” For those who have read the first two of his novels, this one would definitely come as a little bit of disappointment. But having said that this book is different in the sense that it is not a trendy urban story, but it reflects the rural life style and passions. The story line is quiet simple. Although the story moves at a slow pace in the beginning it picks up pace towards the end. The romance part in this novel is good with a few sarcastic comments which would definitely make you to have a smile. The central theme is about business, cricket and religion and the way they shape the lives of everyone in India. With a nice little happy ending the author is sure to win the hearts of his young readers yet again!

Friday, June 27, 2008

God of War - Game

These are my views about one the finest games I’ve ever played-The God Of War. .Unlike a few games that move on a thin plot, this game’s storyline can keep you engrossed for days. The visuals are one of the best in its class. The full motion videos complement the storyline to a great extent. Coming on to the game play, God of War features one of the most fluid and brutal combat systems of all time. The plat-forming part of the game has become a precursor to many games developed later. Just a few minutes into this game and you will know what this game has in store for you. One of the most prominent gameplay features is the finishing move for the enemies, which has been scripted to perfection. Another great aspect that keeps us glued to this game is the characterization of the protagonist-Kratos, the brutal yet sympathetic anti-hero. In all, the mind-boggling visuals, the engrossing storyline, the impeccable game play and a brilliant background score make this game a must-play for any gamer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pleasure of being an underdog !!!

Now that I’ve been in the lime light for years during my school life but rather maintaining a low profile spending most of my time in college as an underdog; I know how it is to be an underdog. Believe me it is a real pleasure. No more worries and tension and more importantly no more pressure – “ The pressure to perform. “

The thing is that the expectation on you mounts up to such an extent that you get bogged down by the so called “ Fear of failure “ which otherwise wouldn’t have come across your mind. It certainly adds up to your woes.

There are so many of them – parents, friends, relatives, well wishers , teachers, etc etc the list goes on, all wanting you to perform and perform to an extent that’s definitely going to drain you. But now I am no more burdened by these expectations. Ah !!! This life’s just rocking man. No more questioning and no more am I responsible for my shortcomings.

When I muse over this, I do feel that after all, even this life is also not that bad. Man !!! you really don’t want that many eyes glaring at you and so many envious stares watching at each of foot steps! May be this time when I fall I don’t fall too hard - because am an underdog. Immense would have be the pain otherwise.

What’s more important is the ability to take risks generally gets increased. Even if one fails, rarely does he get noticed. But what are missing ??? It’s the attention one attracts and the pride factor. After all, is pride that important in life when compared to happiness ??? Isn’t happiness is what all we need in life! May be, opinions differ…

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The girl next class !!!

This was the first time my friend showed her to me.I wasn't that much impressed about her looks.I didn't realize then,that i would die to have a glimpse of her in future.This proves that i was still human.So then, you should be itching to know her name.Her name was Harika!A name that didn't come in my mind for some time after.Then again fate has some strange ways of mocking at us.Unfortunately i met her again.I would say this because she started to cloud my thoughts and leave me sleepless for many a nights.It was a cultural event in my college.She was one among the team members in which i was a part too.Her eyes were like stars which had fallen from those heavens.Or did God make a mistake by implanting those pearls in her eyes!Either way i had a special attraction towards her.The girl who hadn't meant anything to me some time back was like an angel now.These do show the vagaries in human perception.Such emotional freaks we are!Alt least i was.

Then days passed on without much happening except for those script preparations and other stuff for the skit.I wanted to strike a conversation with her.So that something material can happen between us.God was on my side this time.I got some real time to speak with her.She wasn't that outspoken type of girl that every guy would love to befriend.Nevertheless i liked her.The next few days were really good.It seemed that a good friendship was blossoming between us.Days passed.We had come to the last day of our cultural events.I just went back to my home to have a good nap that night.I loved my terrace where those soft breeze would make me doze and those sweet scent of flowers would make me give up anything in life,though not harika!

The night became longer.I was hardly getting any sleep.I was a bit disheartened by the fact that the next day morning all this fun would be over.I tried to close my eyes to let at least the moon to sleep while i lay thinking of those stars in her cute eyes.I don't remember when i slept.I stayed in a colourful world covered with happiness alone.Those grey eyes and the dimple in her cheeks filled the entire place.

Then suddenly i could feel the pain.As though someone had struck me with a strong iron bar on my head.I could feel the heat rise up my spine.Ouchhh it was painful.I woke up from my sleep to only know that i was on the floor and not on my bed.The time was around 4 in the evening.Oh dear!I couldn't believe that all this was a dream, a day dream.Oh to my disappointment i realized the fact that i was in my summer vacation and the cultural event were yet to commence.Then what about Harika?Her sparkling eyes?It was painful to accept that she was also a dream.I wanted to stay in this wonderland and dream this dream over and over.I wished that i wasn't awake and all this were true.But fate had other plans and has made me fall!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Biodiesel Plant

Jatropha curcas L., also known as purging nut, belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae, is a latex containing multipurpose plant with several attributes and considerable potential and has evoked interest all over the tropics as a potential biofuel crop. J. curcas is a native of Mexico and Central American region and was later introduced in many parts of the tropics and sub-tropics where it is grown as a hedge crop and for traditional use. It is well adapted to arid and semi-arid conditions and has low moisture demand. In the recent past, the oil crisis and depleting fossil fuel resource has rekindled interest in promotion of tree born oil species. Among the potential oil bearing tree species J.curcas has assumed importance due to its short gestation period, drought endurance, low cost seeds, high oil contents, easy adaptations on marginal and semi marginal lands, suitability as fuel substitute without any alterations to the existing engines and above all the plant size that makes seed collection more convenient.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The future might be pink for cricket!

Believe it or not by 2010 you will be watching a match live on your TV screen and guess what the ball in the bowler’s hands would make you feel that your television monitor has some problem. Because the ball looks the color of a dolls dress rather than white. That’s right, the days of pink has arrived. The first trial of a pink ball has been rated favorably by Queensland women who have made history by using one in an exhibition T20 match at the Gabba. And the MCC has plans to introduce it in their country’s one-dayers next year. The logic is that the visibility of the pink ball is much higher and the batsman can spot it a fraction earlier. If further tests prove that the color lasts longer, then the green signal for its use would be only a matter of time. With the latest T20 format being a sensational hit, pink balls too would provide the needed boost to spread cricket in parts of the world that have been still left unconquered by this great game.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Java everywhere !

Java is programming language developed originally by sun Microsystems. It is an object oriented programming language which has many a powerful tools that make it the number choice for most programmers and web developers. Java is platform independent that is, it can run on different platforms without the need to compile it again. This is done by java compilers which compile it into Bytecodes and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) interprets it. There is a type of java program called the applet. It is a type of application embedded in a web page. Java has better security features which make it the preferred choice for development of web pages.

Romance with colors

Does pink color charm you?? “Well then, you must be a girl”, this would be the immediate comment made by most people. For, this has been the color which most girls used to dress up their cute Barbie dolls when they were young. Pink is also associated with love, romance and the blush of a young girl’s cheeks. But, to classify pink as a girly color isn’t justifiable. I do know a lot of guys who love pink and what more to dress up in pink. Pink color stands for beauty and grace. Many poets have fell in love with pink and have sung many a rhymes fascinated about its beauty. But pink has always finds itself associated with femininity. So liking pink does mean that you are on the right side of the crowd, for it signifies fun, excitement and passion in life!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Universal truth

Is there something that can be called as a universal truth? The answer would be a doubtful yes. But one should always realize the fact that everything depends upon an individual’s perspective and no two persons can have the same notion about all the issues. So one thing that might be acceptable to one person will not always be acceptable to the other. Let’s consider the ‘existence of GOD’ as an example. There may be millions of people who think there is a super power above us, but still there are as many people who think otherwise. So anything and everything is only subject to an individual’s opinion. What may appear to be right to one person may be utterly be absurd to another. So we must always accept this diversity and live our life with the fullest appreciation for other’s opinions and respect their view-points.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RNA synthetic biology

RNA molecules play important and diverse regulatory roles in the cell by virtue of their interaction with other nucleic acids,proteins and small molecules. Inspired by this natural versatility, researchers have engineered RNA molecules with new biological functions. In the last two years efforts in synthetic biology have produced novel, synthetic RNA components capable of regulating gene expression in vivo largely in bacteria and yeast, setting the stage for scalable and programmable cellular behavior. Immediate challenges for this emerging field include determining how computational and directed-evolution techniques can be implemented to increase the complexity of engineered RNA systems, as well as determining how such systems can be broadly extended to mammalian systems. Further challenges include designing RNA molecules to be sensors of intracellular and environmental stimuli,probes to explore the behavior of biological networks and components of engineered cellular control systems.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The CAT dream

Our future lies in our ability to dream big and live according to it. Come November and there’s this buzz word around - CAT (Common Admission Test). This is a test to filter out the best from the rest. It’s the first gateway to cross in order to knock at the doors of the IIM’s and other prestigious Institutions imparting management degrees in India. There is such a lot of cry about a M.B.A degree and that too getting it from a premier institute like the IIM’s seem to be the dream of every Indian graduate( At least among the gifted part of the Indian graduates) After many a months of preparations the CAT turns out to a heart-breaker for many. On the ‘make or break day’ many seem to give into the pressure in spite of their preparations and mock tests.CAT not only tests one’s mental ability, it also measures the persons time management skills, ability to perform under crunch situations and take quick and correct decisions. Overall, clearing the CAT is just one step forward in realizing an IIM dream. A dream which is for sure to redefine our lives forever.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Let’s hope When, the entire world comes up against you, look up to me. When, sufferings alone can define your way of life, look up to me. When, the only known faces and your dear ones fail you, look up to me When, all the hands of darkness join forces to obliterate you, look up to me. When, death and the ghostly horrors of the past seem to haunt you, look up to me. I am HOPE. For the humanity wouldn’t have reached its current status without hope. Once you choose hope, anything's possible. And the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Hope has placed where we are today. So always keep this quality to sustain and flourish in this beautiful world!