Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dasavatharam - Movie Review

For those die-hard Kamal Hasan fans this is going to be one movie which they would relish, for you can see him in almost every frame of the movie! For others it’s going to be yet another over-hyped movie which is just good, though not bad and nothing makes it stand out from the rest. But don’t get me wrong, you won’t regret going for this movie.

Kamal’s performance in few of the characters will only increase the respect one has for him as an actor. Especially the character of Fletcher and Balram Naidu deserve a mention here. Though some characters were totally unnecessary, Kamal has carried them off effortlessly. The music is not that great to talk about.

Tamil cinema has always wasted hot imports from Bollywood and this movie is no exception, with Mallika Sherawat just playing a small cameo. And about the heroine - Asin, as usual she is pretty and in this movie she plays the part of a cute iyengar girl. But one does feel that she’s too talkative and in a few scenes you do wish that she was dead instead of the sexy Mallika.

For those who were critical about the length of the movie which is over 3 hours, believe me it’s not a pain watching it all along. There are a good number of light sequences which make you feel not bored.

It’s Kamal! Kamal! Kamal! all the way. Though it’s not a must watch movie, it certainly is one movie you can watch on a cool Saturday evening with your girl friend, to chill out and enjoy after a long tiring week ;-)

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Farzi Bhushan said...

I'm a kamal hasan fan, since i watched pushpak...
Thanks for the review... as in MP this film didn't release, i m waitin for the dvd.