Thursday, July 10, 2008

Using BSNL broadband (Dataone) for downloads - An easy way!

Am writing this one for BSNL broadband users who have night unlimited downloads from 2 a.m to 8 a.m.

For regular users and mad downloaders like me you do know the pain of staying awake and switching on the modem at night 2 o’ clock and again disconnecting it before eight in the morning. Else you would have a few of your bytes transferred in your monthly account in the name of mixed usage, even if you have scheduled your downloader and torrent to download and stop at the right time. Okay, these are the steps you need to follow to schedule downloads automatically and believe me you are going to like what you are going to hear. Downloads will be done from night 2 to 8 without you even touching the modem or for that matter your PC after you have scheduled your downloads.

Proceed these steps at your own risk.

The method mentioned below has worked fine for me and I’ve been using it for more than a year now and am able to download somewhere around 3 GB per night using torrents! (Let your brains do the calculations for the amount downloaded in a month)

I am using SMART AX modem. But this does work in the newer model which BSNL offers now.

1. Important Note: Read this carefully first before proceeding. Understand what you are reading and then proceed. Read this fully before carrying out the mentioned steps.

2. First you need to know your user name and password. It’s written on the modem box which you get or try to call your customer care to get it.

3. Mostly your modem is set in such a way that the internet connection is established when the modem is switched ON. If yours is not this way and you are dialing a connection then directly go to STEP 5. For the others whose connection is established on switching the modem ON, you need to reset your modem so that the setting in the modem gets erased (i.e your user name and password stored in your modem).

4. Then you need to set up a dial up connection using windows. Though it is easy doing this, am going to tell you for this may help the beginners. Advanced users proceed to Step 5 ignoring the steps below.

• Go the path said below:
Start-->All programs-->Accessories-->Communications-->New connection wizard
• Click Next.
• By default first option is set. Click Next.
• Then choose Setup my connection manually. Click Next.
• Select, Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password. Click next.
• Give any name here for the ISP name. Click Next.
• Type your Username and Password in the text boxes provided. Click Next.
• Check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop. Click Finish.

Now you are done with setting up the dial-up connection.

5. Here comes the trick, rather a simple one if you had already known.
Download Free Download manager software from the site :
Click here
It is a freeware :)

6. Click on the Scheduler tab.

7. Click on the Add task button which is the first button present in the toolbar which appears like a plus sign.

8. There in the dropdown list box select the option you want. For example I set the following options.

• Hang up connection by say 1:55 a.m
• Establish dial-up connection by 2:10 ( just to be safe so that no bytes are transferred to the mixed usage section)
• Then choose Launch program and give the path to your utorrent (Torrent client, a really good one, which I use for my torrent downloads) or any other download accelerators you use for your direct downloads and ftp downloads.(I prefer IDA-Internet Download Accelerator) Let the time be set to 2:11 a.m for this event to happen.
• This is very important. Set the scheduler to disconnect your dial-up connection well before 8 o’ clock. Say by 7:50 a.m. Choose Hang up connection and set this time.
• Finally, choose Shutdown computer, let the time be 8:00 a.m

9. Here are a few points to remember while using the scheduler in FDM

• Set the above said schedules to happen daily by choosing the Start time tab and choose On certain days and check all the days! Isn’t that simple.
• The time is in 24 hour format so remember to specify the correct times.

So do remember to turn on FDM in your computer before you go to bed. It resides in the system tray unless asked to exit. Just turn off your monitor and go to sleep. Remember to set the required downloads in your download accelerators and add your favorite torrents in your torrent client :) :) the rest will be taken care by FDM. Happy downloading guys!!!

Do feel free to express your thoughts and ask your doubts. I’ll try to answer to my best knowledge.

Another blog of mine regarding using torrents for downloads, good torrent sites, search engines and torrent uploaders is coming soon …


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