Monday, June 30, 2008

Firefox 3

Mozilla Corporation’s latest browser Firefox 3 is by far the most impressive browser I have seen in the recent past. It has a stylish interface and it is quite simple too. And it claims to have superior security features as compared to the other counterparts like the Internet Explorer 7 and Opera. It does have a new bookmarking feature which is very easy and effective. One click is all that one needs to bookmark one’s favorite webpage. There are hundreds and hundreds of add-ons that can be downloaded to extend the capability of the browser. There are plenty of themes readily available on the web that can be downloaded to make your browser look the way want it to be. The download manager provides better functionality by giving you the option to pause or resume downloads. The Firefox 3 is readily available in the net and it is one software that everyone must have.

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rajkingme said...

Its great man. Mozilla FF 3 is really cool. I use IE to read tamil scripts previously. Now FF 3 is enough...

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