Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Pleasure of being an underdog !!!

Now that I’ve been in the lime light for years during my school life but rather maintaining a low profile spending most of my time in college as an underdog; I know how it is to be an underdog. Believe me it is a real pleasure. No more worries and tension and more importantly no more pressure – “ The pressure to perform. “

The thing is that the expectation on you mounts up to such an extent that you get bogged down by the so called “ Fear of failure “ which otherwise wouldn’t have come across your mind. It certainly adds up to your woes.

There are so many of them – parents, friends, relatives, well wishers , teachers, etc etc the list goes on, all wanting you to perform and perform to an extent that’s definitely going to drain you. But now I am no more burdened by these expectations. Ah !!! This life’s just rocking man. No more questioning and no more am I responsible for my shortcomings.

When I muse over this, I do feel that after all, even this life is also not that bad. Man !!! you really don’t want that many eyes glaring at you and so many envious stares watching at each of foot steps! May be this time when I fall I don’t fall too hard - because am an underdog. Immense would have be the pain otherwise.

What’s more important is the ability to take risks generally gets increased. Even if one fails, rarely does he get noticed. But what are missing ??? It’s the attention one attracts and the pride factor. After all, is pride that important in life when compared to happiness ??? Isn’t happiness is what all we need in life! May be, opinions differ…

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cathy said...

that's true...that was my life before, living up with other people's expectation...but i was, i'm happier, because i'm trying to live life the way i want it, no pressure...just live and help need to prove yourself as long as u know yourself...